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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Good News

Just got back from a business trip to Chicago and got the best news! My book, The Bricklayer's Helper, has been nominated for the best historical romance in 2010! Wow--I really can't believe it. I'm just thrilled.

But I need help to actually win, so if you'd like to lend a hand, you can click on this link:  and vote for The Bricklayer's Helper. I'd certainly appreciate it.

I'm also happy to see that The Vital Principle, the first book in the Second Sons Inquiry Agency historical mystery series is now available on the Nook as well as the Kindle. It is selling steadily and already received a good review (5 stars and a lovely comparison to Amanda Quick's books), which I take to be an excellent sign.

Before I left, I may have mentioned that my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, has offered me a contract for my second paranormal romance and we have a title! Thanks to all my friends on Facebook who helped me weed through a list of possibilities, we finally decided on A Fall of Silver. I'm hoping it may come out late this year (2011) but you just never know.

Lastly, I may have mentioned that I'm looking forward to attending the Malice Domestic conference later this spring. I'll be part of a panel scheduled on April 30th at 4:10PM on making the past come alive. The moderator is Sally Fellows, and the panelists will include: Andrea Penrose, Elena Santangelo, Elizabeth Zelvin, and yours truly--Amy Corwin. I am so honored and thrilled about this. I'm actually more excited about hearing what the others have to say, because I always wrestle with historical accuracy versus the modern reader's taste, sensibility and knowledge. It's more of a pickle than you might think.

That's it for now from the odd world of fiction writing..

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