Fiction Writing and Other Oddities

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Tasks

Now that spring is here, I didn't do much in the way of writing-related tasks this last weekend. However, I did critique three chapters for other writers and revise one of my own chapters for a new mystery I'm working on.

I just couldn't stay inside.

So I planted six hostas in my shade garden, including one white one. I can't wait to see how that new one turns out—it should be gorgeous. They are planted in a bed that borders the woods behind our house, and there are a few dogwoods interspersed with hostas. I'm also thinking of adding some ferns, but we'll see how it looks this summer.

And we are expanding our tiny "orchard" and I added a plum tree, so now we have 3 plum trees. Also added two hazelnut trees. My husband and I love hazelnuts, so we're anxious to see if they prosper in our area.

I also added 3 blueberry bushes, as well as a few more bulbs in our flower garden, including several oriental/Asiatic lily hybrids, and a fuchsia bush. To anchor the end of my herb garden, I added a rosemary to replace the one my husband inadvertently killed last year.

Also got a couple of tomato plants inserted into one of those "upside down" gardens, and planted a pepper plant with some cilantro sticking out of the top.

Last weekend, I started 142 small pots of seeds, including the usual suspects: peppers, squash, tomatoes, various herbs, and cantaloupe. Some of the seeds have already started sprouting, so my next chore will be to hack a way under the huge rose arch that serves as the entrance to the veggie garden. The roses have really taken over, so I've got to open up a path under them, clean out the veggie garden, and get some of those early seeds, like the squash, put to bed.

Finally, I bought a fresh, 5lb bag of sugar because sometime this week, the hummingbirds will show up.

We got a nice rain last night to give all my new plants a good drink. The sun is out now, and I wish I didn't have to get back to work, because the garden is calling to me.

Lots to do out there!