Fiction Writing and Other Oddities

Sunday, November 13, 2005

In the beginning...

Everyone's doing it--blogging, that is. So, I thought maybe I ought to try it. Mostly because I have a lot of random and sometimes very odd thoughts in my head that need to escape once in a while to relieve the pressure. Like steam in a pressure cooker, it's got to get out one way or the other.

I also have some vague notion that someone may find something of use in some of the things I intend to write about. Here are some topics I might cover (or not) depending upon my mood:

  • Computers (I couldn't help placing that first, they pay the bills around here)
  • Writing (At least ATTEMPTING to write. I have over ten manuscripts completed in rough draft, if not polished, form. I've also got an agent. What I don't have is a publishing contract or the self-esteem this would undoubtedly net me.)
  • Gardening (I grow roses, ad nauseum)
  • Birding (I try to go bird watching, although lately it's gotten short shrift)

Other oddities as I think of them. I have opinions, you see. Often strong, often mistaken, but they're my opinions, the poor little bastards.

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