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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Blog - Significant Others

Happy Valentine's Week!
We're a little late, but it's still the week for romance. Caroline and I are trading blogs today and talking about romance in the real world. Hope you will join me in welcoming her!

Here in the week we celebrate the week of Valentine’s Day, our minds conjure up memories of meeting our significant other, in my case my sweet Hero husband. Since I’ve known him since I was twelve, I probably shouldn’t go back that far. But I will. LOL

The first time I saw my husband was in Lubbock, Texas at his sister’s thirteenth birthday party in 19mumblemumble. I first met Joyce in Sunday School, but we were later in Girl Scouts and school together. I knew she had a twin brother, but had no idea she also had an older brother. Halfway through the party, my fifteen-year-old Hero arrived from work to take photos for Joyce. Instantly mesmerized, I thought Hero the most sophisticated, suave “older man” I’d ever seen. What each of us wore that evening, where I sat, everything about the evening is seared into my brain as, “Hey, this is important stuff, so remember it!” Surprisingly (or not), I have photos of Hero when he was fifteen and he looks exactly as I remember, but...maybe I was star struck and he wasn’t really so sophisticated or suave. Hero was and is a geek, a genius, an electronics wizard. In fact, he became an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry specializing in rockets. Yes, Hero is a genuine rocket scientist who has several patents to his name.

But I am ahead of myself. Hero’s sister was angry that I--according to her--flirted with him at her party. No matter. We did not marry when I was twelve. We dated off and on when I was in high school and a freshman at Texas Tech, but then he graduated and went off to Dallas. Our paths didn’t cross again until we were both living in Dallas several years later.

One year I wanted to go visit my parents over Thanksgiving, but couldn’t afford air fare for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hero’s sister told me Hero was driving to Lubbock for Thanksgiving and she’d tell him I needed a ride. Yes, the same woman who fussed at me for “flirting” with her brother was now matchmaking. Go figure! Hero invited me to accompany him to Lubbock for the upcoming holidays, and also invited me to dinner on Friday. Again, I remember what each of us wore and where we went for dinner: I wore a sleeveless black dress and my black suede heels and we ate at Yee’s Chinese Restaurant. We were married four months later in Dallas and went to New Orleans on our honeymoon. Our first child was born two years later followed by the second daughter almost three years after the first. I truly believe Hero and I are soul mates and hope we enjoy many more years of our happily-ever-after together. His kisses still curl my toes, and there is no better husband in the world. Now that is real romance!

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Thanks to Amy for letting me guest on her blog today.

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Unknown said...


I love that story!! I can just picture that too!! lol It's almost as funny as the story of how I met my first husband. I locked the keys in the car (on purpuse) just so I could go get him to get the car unlocked and introduce him to Kecia (my best friend). What happens... he ask me out a couple days later!! Boy did that backfire on me!! I didn't even tell him my name when I was doing the introductions! LOL


Sandy Voyles Campbell

Amy said...

It is a cute story, isn't it? I'm so glad Caroline shared it with us!

Linda Kage said...

Now, I might have to argue with you, Caroline, about there being a better husband out there; mine's pretty amazing!! :)

But I still loved your story. Glad your friend finally played matchmaker!

Shawna Thomas said...

Hi Caroline! I love that his kisses still curl your toes. *happy sigh*

Linda, let's just say there's no better husband out there for Caroline. Sound good? ; ) Mine is pretty awesome too but, I think, only because we wre made for each other.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Thanks, ladies. He really is perfect for me. I am so lucky he loves me.

Bobbye Terry said...

That is so sweet, Caroline! I had no idea you knew him that long. Since I've met him, I believe each of you are extremely fortunate to have found one another.


Jill James said...

Caroline, that is so sweet. You two were destined for each other. True Love!!

Jennifer August said...

What a great story, Caroline, thanks for sharing. I, too, love that his kisses still curl your toes. Wishing you many many more years of happiness together!

Lilly Gayle said...

Love this story, Caroline. Just goes to show you, if it's meant to be, it will be.

Sandra Crowley said...

I had no idea you met your DH at such a tender age. You designing woman! Great story and love the happy chapter you're enjoying.

Wishing you both all the best.

AJ, Thanks for sharing your blog with Caroline.

Morgan Mandel said...

Wow, you married a real rocket scientist! Is it difficult to outsmart him?

Morgan Mandel