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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you are enjoying time with your family and loved ones, may you have the brightest and happiest day of the season!

Thank you to all my readers, friends and acquaintances who have shared their lives and inspiration with us over the years. We are truly fortunate.

I'm writing this in between bouts of cooking--this is one time of year when I truly enjoy being the traditional housewife. Yesterday, I baked bread and made the cranberry sauce. Today, we've got the turkey on the smoker and I've made a pumpkin pie and some deviled eggs. All that's left are the collards, green bean casserole and whatever else I get inspired to make.

Outside, there are still a few roses hanging on, like our Comtesse du Cayla, one of my favorites. The petals have a sheen that looks just like apricot silk. We've already had one frost, though, so I don't think the remaining buds will open, unfortunately.

Tip to Share
Here's a little tip, as well.
We're starting to clean up the garden and I found a few clusters of green tomatoes on the withered vines in my veggie patch. Rather than toss them into the compost, I went ahead and picked them. So last night, we had blackened fish and fried green tomatoes. Not half bad.

So the tip is: if you have a few small green tomatoes left on the vine, don't toss them into the compost.
Slice them about 1/4" thick, dredge them in whatever you like (I used chicken breader) and fry 'em up.
To conserve on oil, I like to use a small cast iron pan that I only fill with about 1/2" of oil. Just enough for the tomatoe slices to float in.

They only need to cook a few minutes, until brown.

Happy Holidays!
Amy Corwin

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