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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Escaping Notice has been Released!

Escaping Notice is out!

Escaping Notice, a Regency romantic mystery in the Archer family series is now available.

First we had The Necklace, where Oriana Archer found the Peckham necklace, a family heirloom with something a little extra, a curse. Anyone who wears the necklace is doomed. And for a while, it seems that may be true as Oriana is almost hung for murder after she discovers the necklace.

Then came I Bid One American where Oriana’s brother, Nathaniel, becomes the Duke of Peckham and the curse seems to continue when he’s accused of murder after the body of a debutante is found in his carriage.

The Bricklayer’s Helper was the third story, featuring Sarah “Sam” Sanderson, another irrepressible member of the Archer clan, who was in hiding after the death of her family until the killer realized she was alive.

Now, in Escaping Notice, Helen, Oriana’s younger sister, has lost the cursed Peckham necklace again and goes in search of it in the company of Hugh Castle, the Earl of Monnow.

Escaping Notice Blurb

A frog in a teapot, a lost necklace, and a sabotaged boat: incongruencies that lead an unlikely hero to investigate a chilling murder in Regency England.

Discarded by his betrothed with a parting sally that “being an earl does not excuse being a bore,” Hugh Castle, the Earl of Monnow, joins his brother on a short cruise, hoping to forget. But a storm capsizes their boat, and despite Hugh’s desperate efforts, he can’t save his brother’s life. Then he finds evidence amongst the wreckage of sabotage and realizes he was never meant to return to dock. Someone intending to murder the earl killed his younger brother, instead. Angered beyond reason, Hugh travels to London to enlist the aid of the Second Sons Inquiry Agency in finding his brother’s murderer.

Helen Archer attended the Earl of Monnow’s ball in expectation of celebrating his betrothal, but the event seems destined for disaster. She arrives late, the earl makes no announcement, and Helen manages to lose the fabled Peckham necklace her sister reluctantly loaned to her. Unwilling to admit her carelessness to her sister, Helen rashly decides to return to the earl’s estate and retrieve it in secret.

When his aunt threatens to send him to his cruel uncle, the Earl of Monnow, Edward Leigh-Brown decides he’s had enough. He’s going to join the navy and follow in Lord Nelson’s footsteps to become a military hero. But finding his way to London is a lot harder for a young boy than it seems, and he’s soon lost. When he bumps into Miss Helen Archer at an inn, he’s more than happy to accept a ride in her carriage, even if she seems determined to escort him to an inquiry agency to help locate the family he doesn’t want located.
When the three meet in London at Second Sons, Helen impulsively decides to accompany Hugh to the earl’s home, disguised as servants to pursue their secret goals. Hugh hopes to uncover a killer, Helen hopes to find her necklace, and Edward just hopes he can find the opportunity to escape again.

But an adventure none of them anticipated awaits them, and Hugh must hurry to identify who wants him dead before their deception ends in the death of another innocent.

I hope you will join the Archer family adventure as it swoops through Regency England with a chuckle and a toast to love eternal!
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For those who enjoyed the blog on The New Death and Others, the fantasy noir by James Hutchings, you might be interested to know that it is FREE right now! So if you're curious and want a copy, be sure to check it out.
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Beth Caudill said...

Congrats Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks, Beth. I really appreciate it. It's such a long row to hoe to get a book from concept to production and it can often be a very stony row, too. LOL

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring weather.