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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winners of the Blog Tour...

Wild Rose Blog Tour
The Wild Rose Blog Tour has come to an end and I hope everyone enjoyed reading about our holiday traditions as much as I did. As promised, for my portion of the tour, I've awarded the following ladies prizes. The grand prize is an herbal bath and de-stressing kit just in time for the holidays, while the two "runners up" can select one of any of my e-books!

Grand Prize: Bianca Swan - please contact me so we can arrange for your gift to be sent to you!
Runners Up: Liz Flaherty and Mona Risk - please contact me and I'll send your ebook winging its way to you! (Mona already got her copy of The Bricklayer's Helper and I hope she enjoys it!)

Approaching Holidays
With the holidays almost upon us, I'm dashing through the snow (er, sleet) to finish all those last minute things. Today, I'm printing out our holiday letter and stuffing envelopes (which I'm pretty good at since the first job I ever had was stuffing envelopes for a small business in our neighborhood). With luck, our holiday cards will all be in the mail tomorrow.

Thankfully, many of our friends have sent us the best gifts such as boxes of fruits, most of which we've already devoured. In fact, if it wasn't for the bratwursts, pears, and other delights we've received over the last couple of days, we might not have had any dinner last night! Sadly, we've already finished off all the pears and almost all the apples--both my husband and I are fiends for fruit so it doesn't last long around here.

As for writing--I'm now on the final edits (YAY!) of my second paranormal romance. Still not sure what title to use for it when I submit it to my publisher in January. Maybe Vampire Negotiator to "go along with" my first paranormal, Vampire Protector. At one point, I'd also use the working title of Quicksilver, but in the end, we'll see what my editor says.

If I can get that manuscript to the publisher soon, I'll also try to finish writing a short historical romance with a Christmas theme (although not the ooey-gooey normal Christmas theme, but the older spookier Christmas theme of ghost stories). My publisher gave us a deadline of March if we want something out in time for next Christmas and I'm not sure I can manage that. If not, well, there's always the year after!

After that, I've got drafts of four manuscripts (3 historical, 1 contemporary mystery) and I'll have to decide which one to concentrate on. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Speaking of manuscripts...

Archer Family Series
The first three books of the Archer family series are finally all out, so you can read them in order if you have a hankering to do so. The series is loosely connected through a minor character, John Archer, who appears in the books with the seemingly sole purpose of wrecking havoc in the lives of other members of his family.

You see, John Archer, the irrepressible rogue and senior member of the family, is saddled with two problems: a love of adventure and far too many unmarried neices and nephews. As you might expect, John finds ways to indulge his adventurous spirit by playing matchmaker and thereby getting his family members in deep trouble. Sadly, his masterful efforts to make the lives of those around him more exciting are rarely, if ever, truly appreciated!

So here are the books (in order) that are now available in both print and ebook forms.

The Necklace - a young woman, a scoundrel, and a family heirloom that might possibly be cursed!

When Oriana's uncle, John Archer, brings home a wounded friend for her to nurse, she can't help but wonder what sort of scoundrel he might be. Her uncle has a long and sad history of befriending miscreants of the worst sort. Then, she finds a necklace thought lost and her worries only increase. The necklace bears a curse promising a hideous death to anyone who posses it, and it starts coming true when she's blamed for the murder of a stranger when the necklace is found on the body.

It's up to her uncle's friend, Chilton Dacy, to prove her innocence and save her from an overly personal encounter with the hangman's noose!

For more info and buy links:

I Bid One American - an American heiress nobody wants, a duke every woman desires, and a murder no one expects!

When Nathaniel, Duke of Peckham, meets American heiress Charlotte, he's suspicious of her indifference. Too many women have sought--and failed--to catch is attention. But Charlotte seems more interested in dead Pharaohs than English dukes, despite what her guardian, John Archer, says.

Unfortunately, when a debutante seeking to entrap Nathaniel is murdeered, his reputation as a misogynist focuses suspicion on him! On impulse, Charlotte comes to his aide, unaware that her actions place her in harm's way.

Danger mounts when a highwayman interested in rich heiresses turns his attention to Charlotte and another debutante is found dead in Nathaniel's carriage...

For more info and buy links:

The Bricklayer's Helper - a masquerade turns deadly when a murderer discovers one of his victims survived...

After her family perishes in a suspicious fire, Sarah hides her identity by working as a bricklayer's helper. But her disguise can't keep her safe when someone discovers she survived and follows her to London. Alone and terrified, Sarah pins her hopes on William Trenchard, an inquiry agent with Second Sons. William, however, seems far too attractive for Sarah's peace of mind, and she soon fears that involving him may be her final--and fatal--mistake.

Could John Archer really be the villian of the piece, or is he only trying to keep Sarah alive?

For more info and buy links:

Happy Holidays and Good Reading!

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