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Saturday, December 11, 2010

So You Want To Be A Writer?

Happy Holidays!

Heads up! Starting with the New Year, I'll be writing monthly blogs on writing fiction. Sure, lots of folks are already doing that, but each of us has a different "take" on publishing and the publishing industry. There are some things I've learned (the hard way) that I haven't seen mentioned, or at least only seem to be glossed over when they appear to me to deserve more attention.

Why blog about it? Well, while there is a certain amount of altruism involved, it's really more about making sure I don't forget things that are important. If you want to really learn and remember something, try teaching it to others. LOL

So in the coming months, I hope to cover things like writing fiction for publication (as opposed to writing for yourself or your family); grammar; promotion; and the craft of writing. There's no set syllabus. I'll pretty much cover topics as the ideas hit me.

And, as I mentioned, there really are a lot of other blogs out there on the art and craft of writing. Here are a few to get you started:
JA Konrath's "A Newbie's Guide to Publishing"
Crusie and Mayer's "He Wrote, She Wrote" (these are blog archives, but worth looking at)
Writer Unboxed
Evil Editor

That's not a lot of links, but it's a start. Blogs come and go. LOL

So, on to...CONTESTS!
Don't forget that Night Owl Reviews has one more month of web hunts--it ends December 31! I'm giving away a gorgeous necklace in honor of my new Regency romantic mystery, The Necklace, so be sure to join the hunt. It's not difficult and you may find a few new authors to get to know. Join the NOR Winter Hunt!

Several Wild Rose Press authors are having a blog tour, complete with prizes! It ends on Dec 15, so be sure to check it out. I'm giving away a holiday de-stresser kit and there are a lot of other lovely gifts. Here's the main link for the Wild Rose Press Blog Tour.

Finally, I'm so thrilled to see my latest book released on FictionWise and Smashwords from Highland Press.

The Necklace
When Oriana's uncle brings home a wounded associate, Mr. Chilton Dacy, to nurse, she can't help but wonder what sort of scoundrel he might be. Her uncle has a long and sad history of befriending miscreants of the worst sort. Then she finds a long lost necklace and her worries only increase. The necklace bears a curse promising a hideous death to anyone who possesses it, and it seems as if it might come true when she's blamed for the murder of a virtual stranger.

Can Chilton prove her innocence, or is Oriana destined for a personal relationship with the hangman's noose?


In this scene, Chilton is angry to find that his valet has kissed Oriana, when Chilton very much wants to do so, himself...

She laughed at his outraged expression. “He knew I wouldn’t get upset. Quite the contrary. I had two garter snakes for several years, named Emily and Heloise. They were lovely and quite friendly. Unfortunately, they got out one day and were very naughty.” She peeked at him through her lashes, her eyes glimmering with golden laughter. “It seems they developed a liking for beds, probably due to having been placed in mine so many times by Joshua. So they crawled into one. Unfortunately, the bed they selected belonged to my mamma. She was not as fond of them as I was.”

He could only imagine the uproar. “And they forbade you to have any more?”
“Oh, yes. I was very upset for several months afterwards. My parents utterly forbade us from having any creatures of any sort. They were very specific. No frogs, toads, polliwogs, butterflies, caterpillars, or snakes. Joshua was forced to use extreme measures when he wished to disconcert me. In fact, I blame his inability to bring any of the aforementioned creatures into the house for his kiss.”

“He kissed you? Joshua?” Chilton asked, appalled and angry at the same time. His valet had kissed Miss Archer?

“I was seven or eight, I suppose. It was indeed dreadful.”

“Oh. You were children.” This information should have amused him, but he found it profoundly irritating.

“Yes, we often played together, Andrew, Joshua and I.”

“I see.”

She gave him a stern glance. “It was quite proper. The Archers are a very distinguished and proper family. And Helen and I do have a maid, you know.” The return of the bland expression to her face let him know she had forgiven him enough to adopt a teasing tone.

An answering grin pulled at the corners of his mouth.

Have a wonderful holiday season!
Amy Corwin


Mona Risk said...

Hi Amy, this is a lovely excerpt. The necklace is gorgeous. Posting about craft is always appreciated. I may offer to contribute.

Beth Trissel said...

I enjoyed this Amy, and your writing posts will be much appreciated, I'm sure.

Amy said...

Mona and Beth - thanks for your comments! And anyone who wants to "help out" and post a blog about writing and/or their life as a writer, well, I'd be very appreciative! (Of course it would help if I could spell. LOL)
Thanks and have a very happy Holiday Season!