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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help for OK Tornado Victims

After watching the news and seeing the heart-wrenching tragedy in Oklahoma from the recent tornado, I've decided to donate the net earnings from my book, The Vital Principle, to the Red Cross to help survivors. Glued to the TV, I could not help but be touched, horrified and yet inspired by those brave folks working to rescue victims and try to recover.

I was appalled the first day and could not help but worry about people who had lost everything. I kept worrying about:

  • Where will they sleep tonight and future nights when their homes have been reduced to rubble?
  • What will they wear for clothing?
  • Do they have food and water?
  • Where are their family members and pets?
  • What about all of their precious things like photos, books and all the myriad belongings we all take for granted as being within an arm's reach?
And the problems aren't just for one night or a week--they are for months in the future. Homes, schools, stores, and entire communities will have to be rebuilt. People will have to essentially start from scratch to rebuild their lives and their neighborhoods.

Given that, at least for the months of May and June, I will be donating anything I earn from The Vital Principle to the areas hit by the tornado. It won't be much, but I feel it is important to help these folks recover and if all goes well, I'll continue to donate in the future. As I said, it may well be a year or more before Moore and other devastated communities are back on their feet.

I hope everyone will consider helping.
And folks in Oklahoma, please know that our hearts and thoughts are with you. We pray that more survivors will be found and families reunited.

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Eloise Hill said...

Amy, I an sponsering your link for this on FB and a friend just bought a copy and shared your link, as well. Hope you get tons of responses:)