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Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 - Resolution

2011 Resolutions and News
All writers should be busy right now making their resolutions, so I'm right in the thick of things when I write mine. A word of advice, though, to other writers, as well as folks in general, when you make your list of goals remember to sift them through the filter of what you have control over.

If you're a writer, you can have a goal of submitting your manuscript to fifty publishers, but you can't control getting a contract offer. So keep your goals as actions you can manage. This goes for non-writers, too.

There are two schools of thought about goals. The first school says to set your goals as high as possible with the theory that you'll go beyond what you thought you could do to reach them. The second school says, set reasonable goals as they will encourage you to continue as you check them off your list.

For a writer, since we all know our real goal is that contract over which we have no control, we already have a very high goal to reach for, even if we don't specifically state it (because we have no control over it). And since we're getting rejections almost daily and have very little encouragement other than the occassional nice review, I'd suggest that writers (and anyone similiarly positioned who already faces overwhelming challenges) set goals that are possible for a human to reach. Reaching at least a few will provide much needed encouragement to continue in what can be a very discouraging arena.

So what are my goals for 2011? Here they are, and I'll bet a lot of writers can cut&paste these into their blog, too, because they're probably pretty much the same for most writers.
  1. Edit & polish Deadliest Rose to submit to publishers
  2. Edit & polish It's a Crime to submit to publishers
  3. Maintain blog and post regularly
  4. Do weekly promos and search out new promotion opportunities
  5. Do weekly crits for crit partners and submit my own stuff, too
  6. Walk more for exercise--lose weight!
  7. Write a new mystery book--first draft--for NaNoWriMo in November
  8. Write first draft of my next paranormal romance about Theresa Blackstone
  9. Finish Christmas novella
  10. Publish crime short story to use in promotions
So much for goals. And now on to more fun!

Upcoming Goodies
I'm celebrating the publication of the first three books in the Archer family historical romantic mystery series!

John Archer, the irrepressible rogue and senior member of the family, is saddled with two problems: a love of adventure and far too many unmarried neices and nephews. As you might expect, John finds ways to indulge his need for adventure by getting his family members in deep trouble while simultaenously playing matchmaker. Unfortunately, his masterful efforts are rarely, if ever, truly appreciated!

So here are the books (in order) that are now available in both print and ebook forms.

The Necklace - a young woman, a scoundrel, and a family heirloom that might possibly be cursed!

When Oriana's uncle John brings home a wounded friend, Chilton Dacy, for her to nurse, she can't help but wonder what sort of scoundrel he might be. Her uncle has a long and sad history of befriending miscreants of the worst sort. Then, she finds a necklace thought lost and her worries only increase. The necklace bears a curse promising a hideous death to anyone who posses it, and it starts coming true when she's blamed for the murder of a stranger when the necklace is found on the body.

It's up to Chilton to prove her innocence and save her from an overly personal encounter with the hangman's noose!

For more info and buy links:

I Bid One American - an American heiress nobody wants, a duke every woman desires, and a murder no one expects!

When Nathaniel, Duke of Peckham, meets American heiress Charlotte, he's suspicious of her indifference. Too many women have sought--and failed--to catch is attention. But Charlotte seems more interested in dead Pharaohs than English dukes.

Unfortunately, when a debutante seeking to entrap Nathaniel is murdeered, his reputation as a misogynist focuses suspicion on him! On impulse, Charlotte comes to his aide, unaware that her actions place her in harm's way.

Danger mounts when a highwayman interested in rich heiresses turns his attention to Charlotte and another debutante is found dead in Nathaniel's carriage...

For more info and buy links:

The Bricklayer's Helper - a masquerade turns deadly when a murderer discovers one of his victims survived...

After her family perishes in a suspicious fire, Sarah hides her identity by working as a bricklayer's helper. But her disguise can't keep her safe when someone discovers she survived and follows her to London. Alone and terrified, Sarah pins her hopes on William Trenchard, an inquiry agent with Second Sons. William, however, seems far too attractive for Sarah's peace of mind, and she soon fears that involving him may be her final--and fatal--mistake.

For more info and buy links:


Starting in 2011, I'm running a continual contest through my blog here at and all you have to do to enter is write comments when the mood strikes you.

From the comments, I'll cull a monthly winner to receive one of my books in e-book form and it's reader's choice so she (or he) can select the book they wish from my list (check out ).

Every three months, in March, June, September, and December, the winner will receive a print set of the first three books in the Archer series, including: The Necklace, I Bid One American, and The Bricklayer's Helper. Or, if they prefer my other books, they may make a selection of any three. (I'm sorry, but due to shipping costs, paperbacks will only be shipped within the continental USA. However, winners in other locations may select three ebooks, instead.)

Promotions for Other Writers
Finally, on the 20th of each month, I'll be asking other writers to drop by and write comments consisting of a blurb about their book(s). I'll post a blog specifying which genre is open for that month. I'm hoping to find some new reading material for myself and other readers, as well as providing writers with another promotional opportunity. A win-win for all!

So happy New Year!

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