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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Writing and News

Today I was working on a project to upgrade 550 domain controllers--oops, sorry, wrong blog.    Couldn't resist starting out in left field.

Anyway, lots of writing activities going on now that my puppy, Molly, is on the mend.

First and foremost, my publisher has an absolutely FANTASTIC promotion going on.  Several of us authors at The Wild Rose Press are sponsoring it and the prize is a brand new Sony e-Reader!  How cool is that?

For details on the contest, visit The Wild Rose Press site (Oh, and if you want an easy way to enter, just purchase the Regency romantic mystery, I BID ONE AMERICAN, by Amy Corwin.  Totally shameless, I know.)  Of course, no purchase is necessary to enter.

On July 12th, I'm going to be signing my Regency book,  Smuggled Rose, at the Barnes & Noble on Brier Creek in the Raleigh/Durham, NC, area.  If you're in the neighborhood after lunch, around 1-2pm, come and stop by!  We've got other notable authors there, too, including NYT Bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries, so it should be a lot of fun.

SMUGGLED ROSE is about a lady rose smuggler who can't resist French roses any more than she can resist an English earl who has all the wrong ideas about her.

On the writing front, I'm a regular work-a-holic:

Here's what I have going on at the moment.  Just note that the titles may change upon the whims of the publishers…

Regency romance short story:  "Outrageous Behavior" is under consideration at The Wild Rose Press.  A Regency Miss decides that OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR may be her only alternative to marriage with the wrong man…

Regency romance novella for Christmas:  "Christmas Mishaps" is due at Cerridwen Press mid-July for consideration and possible inclusion in a Regency Christmas anthology.  Sometimes, getting back into the good graces of your family can lead you even further astray…and into the arms of a younger man. 

Traditional Regency romance:  "Love, The Critic" is in my writing queue.  I'm doing some revisions requested by Cerridwen Press and hope to submit it to them again by the end of July.  Elizabeth Tate finds to her dismay that her enemy and most hardened critic may be the only man for her!

Regency Romantic Mystery:  "The Vital Principle" is under consideration at a publisher.  Pru may be a fake spiritualist, but she's no murderer—and she's determined to prove it.

Regency Romantic Mystery:  "The Bricklayer's Helper" is under consideration at a publisher.  Sarah survived a devastating fire that destroyed her family, but the killer is not about to let her escape a second time.  So Sarah enlists the aid of the far-too-handsome inquiry agent, William Trenchard, hoping to expose the murderer before he strikes again.

And I've got a few more stories "under construction" so with luck, something may be contracted and move into the "to be released" queue soon.  Or at least before I lose my mind completely.

So...I guess I'll get back to work.  I have to polish up the novella to send in to Cerridwen Press and then finish my edits on LOVE, THE CRITIC so I can send them that, too.  And then...I think I may actually work on polishing my vampire story and trying that at The Wild Rose Press.  Gosh, I didn't even mention that in the list above, but I'd sort of like to get back to it.  It just needs a wee bit of work...

Have a wonderful evening and take time out to smell the roses!

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