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Friday, May 09, 2008

Squeals of Joy

My new Regency romantic mystery, I BID ONE AMERICAN, is finally out today! Yippee! I keep trying to tell myself not to get too excited, but I can't help it. There is just something so satisfying and thrilling to see your new book up on your publisher's website.

I BID ONE AMERICAN is especially dear to me because it earmed me my agent and my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. And my publisher gave me hardly any edits at all! I'm still in a daze about that. Right up until today when I saw it on their website, I kept expecting the other shoe to drop and my editor to call me and say, "Well, Amy, there's just this one thing we really, really need to change..."

This first edition is an e-book and is available from almost any e-book store on the Internet. I haven't swooped through all the stores yet to see if they do, indeed, have a copy, but if they don't, they will shortly. So you should be able to find it at FictionWise, All Romance e-Books and even through the Amazon Kindle store. Although, of course, since it was just released, it may not show up at those other places for a few days.

Right now, it's available from The Wild Rose Press, and I'm tickled pink.

Enough already, you must be gagging by now, but really, I can't tell you what a feeling of accomplishment it is to see your book finally available to share with others. It's humbling, nerve-wracking, and exciting. You want people to love it--you want to entertain and make folks laugh--but most of all, you want to communicate with others. Make a connection.

I don't think most folks realize how much writers reveal of their vulnerable, inner self with each book they write. It is a little part of them.

So I humbly hope folks really will enjoy I BID ONE AMERICAN and share my love for the Regency period and the cozy mystery genre.

Happy reading!

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Sonja Foust said...

Congratulations, Amy! Woohoo!