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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

E-book Reader Contest Open a Few More Days

For those who might have missed the contest a few of the Cerridwen authors are sponsoring, we're extending it until the end of this week! Yippee! There are details on my web page at: Check out the rules so that you can send in a winning entry. The clues were distributed each day during the contest period, but to make it easier for late entrants, I'm including all the clues for the "secret words" below.

Some folks have also expressed an interest in the Cerridwen Press Authors' blog (which also contains information about the contest). You can find the blog at:

In addition to collecting the secret words, please note that we have included a tiny picture of a tree, so you will want to note all the pages where you see the small tree. We also have a correction to "tree locations": Lise Fuller's icon is on her MySpace page at

And now, for the secret word location clues…

Day 1:

Amy Corwin writes Regencies (and dabbles in other genres, coming soon) -- check her BOOKS page at for the secret word of the day!

Day 2:

Micqui Miller's home page ( sends you to her books page where a secret word is sitting right on top of her guest book -- the word could be an male animal or it could be something we'd all like a lot of! Check it out!

Day 3:

Sometimes characters have a say in their own character development.  Read how Randy, hero of Finding Sarah, helped author Terry Odell.  And it won't cost you a thing to read it. (HINT: it's FREE).

Check her web site at for details.

Day 4:

Terri Thackston always puts this person first when she thinks about her next book. Go to her blog at and find out today's clue (this was posted on March 4).

Day 5:

Vicky Burkholder hangs out with these folks and brainstorms her great plots with them.  

Go to  and find today's word!

Day 6:

Check out Eilis Flynn's website in her reviews section. Her secret word points to generosity in action!

 http://www.coffeeon 1.htm

Day 7:

You can find This 'n' That at Sharon Horton's web site, including today's word.

Check it out at

Day 8:

We've got a poet today! Go to and solve this riddle:

'tis a four-letter word with an "m" and a "t", so stop by the lighthouse, look, and see.

Day 9:

Sam Cheever's website contains lots of surprises for readers. Check it out at!

Day 10:

She never knew when she grew up that she'd be writing romance for this publisher. Check out Jenyfer Matthews' bio page at her web site ( for today's secret clue.

Day 11:

Jude Atkins writes romantic suspense. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe you'll find that's true (and her picture) if you check her web page at

Day 12:

Karen likes fantasy and mystery along with her romance, but for Christmas get her a vampire. Please! Check for today's secret word.

Day 13:

Next to Chambord and champagne, Frances likes this best. Go to to find out the answer. After all, this and champagne go together!

Day 14

Liz Jasper's UNDERDEAD is now available in print, but her 2008 EPPIE Award nomination (and WINNER!!!) was for UNDERDEAD in this green version. Look for today's word in VERY BIG PINK TYPE at Liz's website

Day 15:

Mary Ann's Secret word has to do with her FOUR-footed friends, which is a big clue right there to the Secret Word. Check it out at

Now you have all the clues!

Gather up the location of the tree icons, your list of secret words, and send your entry to:

——At some point in the future, I'm hoping to sponsor another contest, so stay tuned!

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