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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Will it never end?

The saga continues...
We got power back (yippee!) only to find that four days later, our pump failed due to the electrical stress of having no power-some power-no power. So we had no running water again for three days.

But I did establish a routine.
1 - Evening: a. Drag four empty buckets to the pond. b. Fill buckets. c. Drag back to the house. d. Flush toilet(s). e. Go back to the pond, refill buckets and bring back to the house. f. Fill largest pot and leave on the stove. g. Fill as many plastic gallon jugs as can find. h. Wash. i. Realize just used up morning water. j. Go back to pond. k. Drop flashlight into pond. l. Fish flashlight out of pond. m. Refill buckets. n. Stumble back to house in the dark because the flashlight doesn't work anymore.

Trivia: Water weighs 7 lbs per gallon on the first trip. Each subsequent trip adds 1 lb per oz.

2 - Morning: a. Go to the kitchen and turn on stove to heat large pot of water. b. Eat breakfast. c. Take boiling pot of water upstairs. d. Trudge back downstairs and get a plastic jug of water. e. Go back upstairs. f. Take pot of boiling water and jug of cold water and get into the shower. g. Fill small bowl with boiling water. h. Pour over self. i. Scream (gently so I don't scare the dogs and cats staring at me in disbelief). j. Dip another bowl of boiling water, remember to add cold water, pour over self. k. Wash. l. Rinse, remembering to add dollops of cold water, particularly when rinsing burned areas.

Go to work. Nope, sorry, make that Jury Duty because I got selected this week.

Come home.

Sit in numb horror staring at the dishes piling up in the sink. Drape towel over dirty clothes so I can't see how deep the pile is getting.

Go to step 1a.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you may have to dress in dirty clothes and eat of dirty plates for a while... but at least you'll be skinny!
Good luck.